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CNC Automatic Lathe Machining Parts For Medical Stainless Steel Ventilator

October 25, 2023
Quality Medical CNC Machining from China.
Jiaxing Dexun Co.,Ltd. quality manufacturer from China.
The production process of 304 stainless steel machined parts can be summarized as follows:
Material selection and cutting: Select 304 stainless steel materials and cut them.
Machining: Use corresponding equipment to machine the stainless steel materials, such as turning, milling, drilling, etc.
Surface treatment: Perform surface treatment on the machined stainless steel parts, such as polishing, brushing, etc.
Quality inspection: Inspect whether the dimensions, shapes, surface quality, etc. of the stainless steel parts meet the requirements.
Packaging and transportation: Package the inspected qualified stainless steel parts and transport them to the location specified by the customer.