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Integration of stamping process and equipment, digital forming technology

April 26, 2022

Latest company news about Integration of stamping process and equipment, digital forming technology

Integration of stamping process and equipment, digital forming technology


When China's manufacturing industry enters the growth stage of gold, it faces the double bondage of capital and situation. The restriction of capital and situation determines that our country must take a new way of industrialization, while trying to reduce the consumption and purification of traditional manufacturing work, complete the structural adjustment of manufacturing work, and strive to grow the high-skill added value and thrifty manufacturing work. As China is becoming one of the middle producers in the world due to economic globalization, implementing green production techniques with the highest rate of capital utilization and the least adverse effect of situation is a strategy for continuous growth of manufacturing industry in the 21st century. This request production industry to vigorously launch China's "11th Five-Year" era 863 plan advocated near net forming new technology and equipment research.


Sheet metal forming equipment is widely used in automotive, aviation, electronics, household appliances and other industries, especially in the automotive industry. Nowadays, countries with vigorous industry in the world regard the automobile industry as one of the pillars of the citizen economy, and the growth state of the automobile industry is also one of the markers to weigh the industrial degree of a country. The growth of the automobile industry traction forging skills and equipment growth, and the growth and improvement of forging skills are fundamentally around the characteristics of the automobile industry and stop, so as to promote the plate forming equipment CNC agile popularization, response to the ceasing launch of new products. Stamping process is the most important production process method of automobile parts, stamping process of automobile parts and die CAD, CAE, CAPP, CAM is becoming more and more popular. For example, by ji 'nan forging forging machinery research institute and other units bear, independent development of the national "seven five" scientific and technological planning project - China's first sheet flexible production system has been put into production.


Today, according to the FEM technique such as our ancestors have opened up a new near net forming technology - plate nc incremental forming, internal high pressure forming and multi-point die forming, mechanical - hydraulic deep drawing, the electromagnetic forming, laser forming, electro-hydraulic high-energy forming, etc., because of the technological process, confused general stamping equipment has not satisfied the request of the stamping process of the elders, The integration of stamping technology and equipment, digital forming skills has become a new trend of growth. The predecessor of the model of stamping process and equipment integration, digital forming skills include: high efficiency full active stamping process and CNC reverse roll head punch, can complete the sheet metal high efficiency full active flexible cold stamping or punching processing; CNC laser cutting technology and equipment; Sheet metal numerical control progressive process and forming machine, the technique does not need public mold can be processed arbitrary shape of complex workpiece, eliminating the design product process of mold design, production, experimental correction and other complex process, greatly reduced the development cycle and cost of new products, It is of great economic value in the development of many kinds of small batch products such as aircraft, the development of new products such as household appliances and the trial production of new model cars. Multi-point die forming technology and equipment; Controllable stamping process and exchange servo press, this machine can complete the stamping process of the calculation machine master, especially high quality forming of automobile high strength steel plate. At present, Japanese manufacturers in the exchange servo press research and development of a large number of research and development tasks. Will field, Komatsu, net wild and other Japanese manufacturers have not only produced a market-oriented product, and more profound research is still continuing to stop; And the internal high pressure and liquid filling forming process and equipment used in the production of automobile exhaust pipe system and other parts.

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