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What's the Geomet surface treatment ?

July 26, 2022

Latest company news about What's the Geomet surface treatment ?

What's the Geomet surface treatment ?


Geomet is a new surface treatment technology developed by MCI in order to meet the environmental requirements of VOC regulations and automotive industry regulations. Chrome-free Geomet coating has been widely recognized and accepted by the automotive industry as the replacement of Dacro coating.


The appearance of Geomet coating is matte silver gray, the luster is slightly darker than that of DACro coating, which is a kind of inorganic coating that superfine zinc scales and aluminum scales are superficially encapsulated in a special binder.




(1) Barrier protection: the treated layer of overlapping zinc and aluminum scales provide an excellent barrier between the steel matrix and the corrosive medium, preventing the corrosive medium and depolarizer from reaching the matrix.


(2) Electrochemical action: the zinc layer is corroded as a sacrificial anode to protect the steel matrix.


(3) passivation: the metal oxides produced by passivation slow down the corrosion reaction rate of zinc and steel.


(4) Self-repair: when the coating is damaged, zinc oxide and carbonate move to the damaged area, actively repair the coating and restore the protective barrier.

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