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DIN 8.8 Grade Pure Titanium Hex Bolts

DIN 8.8 Grade Pure Titanium Hex Bolts

  • High Light

    DIN titanium hex bolts


    Pure titanium hex bolts


    titanium chrome plated bolts

  • Material
  • Surface Finish
    Chrome Plated
  • Head Type
  • Standard
  • Applications
  • Type
    Special Bolt
  • Thread
    Double Thread
  • Certificate
  • Tolerance
  • Grade
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
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    Poly Bag+boxes
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    500,00,00pcs per month

DIN 8.8 Grade Pure Titanium Hex Bolts

DIN 8.8 grade pure titanium hexagonal countersunk head bolts with chrome plated.

Titanium is a metal chemical element, chemical symbol Ti, atomic number 22, located in the fourth period, IVB group in the periodic table of chemical elements. It is a silver-white transition metal characterized by light weight, high strength, metallic luster, and resistance to wet chlorine corrosion. But titanium cannot be used in dry chlorine. Even dry chlorine at a temperature below 0°C will undergo a violent chemical reaction to form titanium tetrachloride, which will then decompose to form titanium dichloride, or even burn. Only when the water content in the chlorine gas is higher than 0.5%, the titanium can maintain reliable stability in it.


The chromium plating layer has good chemical stability. It has no effect in alkali, sulfide, nitric acid and most organic acids, but it can be dissolved in hydrochloric acid (such as hydrochloric acid) and hot sulfuric acid. In the visible light range, the reflectivity of chromium is about 65%, which is between silver (88%) and nickel (55%). Because chromium does not change color, it can maintain its reflectivity for a long time and is better than silver and nickel.

The main component of chromium plating bath is not metallic chromium salt, but chromium's oxyacid-chromic acid, which is a strong acid bath. In the electroplating process, the cathode process is complicated, and most of the cathode current is consumed in the two side reactions of hydrogen evolution and the reduction of hexavalent chromium to trivalent chromium, so the cathode current efficiency of chromium plating is very low (10%-18%). And there are three abnormal phenomena: current efficiency decreases with the increase of chromic anhydride concentration, l decreases with the increase of temperature; and increases with the increase of current density.

In the chromium plating bath, a certain amount of anions must be added, such as SO42-, SiF62-, F-, etc., in order to realize the normal deposition of metallic chromium.

The dispersing ability of the chromium plating solution is very low. For parts with complex shapes, a pictorial anode or auxiliary cathode is required to obtain a uniform chromium plating layer. The requirements for hangers are also stricter.


Material Titanium
Surface Finish Chrome plated
Usage Automotive
Head type Countersunk
Standard DIN
Grade 8.8
Drawing Format DWG/DXF/IGS/STEP/X-T and PDF
Certificate ISO9001
Service OEM ODM Customised


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