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Auto Engines Anodized Titanium Bolts Inner Hexagon External Round Head

Auto Engines Anodized Titanium Bolts Inner Hexagon External Round Head
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Material: TA2
Surface Finish: Anodized
Head Shape: Round
Inner Shape: Hexagon
Applications: Auto Engines
Certificate: ISO9001:2008
Tolerance: 4h
Service: Customized OEM/ODM Manufacturer
High Light:

Auto anodized titanium bolts


TA2 anodized titanium bolts


Auto TA2 titanium round head bolts

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Poly Bag+boxes
Delivery Time: 45-55days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500,00,00pcs per month
Product Description

Inner hexagon External round head anodized TA2 titanium bolts for Auto engines.

Titanium is a metal chemical element, chemical symbol Ti, atomic number 22, located in the fourth period, IVB group in the periodic table of chemical elements. It is a silver-white transition metal characterized by light weight, high strength, metallic luster, and resistance to wet chlorine corrosion. But titanium cannot be used in dry chlorine. Even dry chlorine at a temperature below 0°C will undergo a violent chemical reaction to form titanium tetrachloride, which will then decompose to form titanium dichloride, or even burn. Only when the water content in the chlorine gas is higher than 0.5%, the titanium can maintain reliable stability in it.


The rapid oxidation of titanium at high temperatures will form titanium silicon compounds and titanium aluminum compounds on the surface of titanium, which can prevent titanium from oxidizing at temperatures above 700°C. This kind of surface treatment is very effective for the high temperature oxidation of titanium. Perhaps this kind of compound coated on the surface of titanium is beneficial to the combination of titanium and porcelain, and further research is needed. From the perspective of oxidation resistance, the use temperature of titanium alloys should not exceed 500°C. Generally, the difference in the reduction of area between samples with and without oxide films is used to determine the degree of oxidation. Oxidation limits the high temperature of titanium materials. One of the main reasons for use. Titanium material and oxidation process to synthesize oxides. Titanium material is stable in air at room temperature, but it is easy to oxidize when heated in air or in an oxidizing atmosphere. The degree of oxidation depends on the characteristics of the titanium material and the concentration of oxygen in the environment, heating time and heating temperature, etc. At high temperatures, titanium materials rapidly oxidize, causing the alloy to become brittle and deteriorate the mechanical properties.

When studying the phase composition of the titanium anode film, it was determined that the oxide film is generally a Roentgen (X-ray) amorphous film. When this film is formed, it has a low potential breakdown level. According to the opinions of some authors, under certain voltage conditions The breakdown of the anode film found during the film formation process always occurs with the formation of crystals. The titanium on the surface of the anodized film has a very high degree of oxidation resistance. A low-molecular-weight titanium oxide is found under the titanium dioxide (Ti02). When the formation potential of the oxide is increased, the thickness increases, and the low-molecular-weight titanium oxide part of the film decreases. Titanium oxide forms the potential area, and titanium oxides from Ti50B to titanium are found on the surface of titanium. Titanium oxides in this range are transformed into titanium dioxide Ti02 (octahedral) as the anode potential increases. In this way, according to the anode The degree of potential increase changes in the composition of the titanium oxide film, and the degree of oxidation changes from zero to very high.


Material TA2
Surface Finish Anodized
Usage Auto Engines
Head shape Round
Tolerance 4h
Length Customized
Thread Specification Customized
Certificate ISO9001
Service OEM/ODM Customised


Factory pictures
Auto Engines Anodized Titanium Bolts Inner Hexagon External Round Head 0
Auto Engines Anodized Titanium Bolts Inner Hexagon External Round Head 1Auto Engines Anodized Titanium Bolts Inner Hexagon External Round Head 2
Auto Engines Anodized Titanium Bolts Inner Hexagon External Round Head 3Auto Engines Anodized Titanium Bolts Inner Hexagon External Round Head 4
Plating line
Auto Engines Anodized Titanium Bolts Inner Hexagon External Round Head 5
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Auto Engines Anodized Titanium Bolts Inner Hexagon External Round Head 6
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A: Yes, we extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items. Please feel free to feedback immediately if you are not pleased with our quality or service.


Q4.Q:How to Custom-made (OEM/ODM)?

A:If you have a new product drawing or a sample, please send to us, and we can custom-made the hardware as your required. We will also provide our professional advices of the products to make the design to be more realized & maximize the performance.

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