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Carbon Steel Titanium Plated Worm Gear Components

Carbon Steel Titanium Plated Worm Gear Components

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    Titanium Plated worm gear components


    Carbon Steel worm gear components


    S45C worm gear module

  • Material
  • Direction
  • Surface Treatment
    Rust Preventive Oil
  • OEM/ODM Service
  • Surface Finish
    Ti Plated
  • Application
    Auto Parts
  • Service Capacity
    One Stop Solution
  • Certification
    ISO 9001:2000, ROHS Compliant
  • Heat Treatment
    Quench And Tempering
  • Design
    Customized Design
  • Place of Origin
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Bubble bag and carton
  • Delivery Time
    35 days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    20,00,00 per month

Carbon Steel Titanium Plated Worm Gear Components

Carbon steel Titanium plated Rust preventive oil Drive worm for Auto parts.



Worm gear is a kind of gear which has one or several spiral teeth and is meshed with worm gear to form staggered shaft gear pair.

Worm gear process:

1.Rough turning, semi finishing turning and finishing turning are the most important process route for common materials.

2.Rough turning semi finishing turning rough grinding fine grinding. For ferrous materials, when the requirements of high precision and small surface roughness value and parts need to be hardened, the subsequent process can only be grinding.

3.Rough turning semi finish turning finish turning diamond turning, for non-ferrous metals, it is not easy to obtain the required surface roughness by grinding, because non-ferrous metals are generally soft and easy to block the gap between sand grains, so the final process mostly uses finish turning and diamond turning.

4.Roughing semi finishing roughing finishing finishing finishing. For the hardened parts of ferrous materials, the requirements of high precision and small surface roughness are often used.


Titanium plating is to use chemical methods to make titanium metal adhere to the surface of other objects. The formed titanium coating has excellent corrosion resistance, which can be used to protect the plated object and improve the surface wear resistance.


According to the bending strength of the iron-based bond matrix and the diamond segments containing unplated diamond and titanium-plated diamond at different sintering temperatures, it can be seen that as the sintering temperature increases, the bending strength of the bond matrix first increases Decrease again, increasing from 542 MPa at 700 °C to 565 MPa at 730 °C, reaching a maximum of 589 MPa at 760 °C, and then dropping to 565 MPa at 790 °C. The reason is analyzed as follows: before 760 °C, the binder carcass has underburned behavior, and the carcass has not been densified. As the temperature rises, the amount of liquid phase increases during sintering, the gap between the nodules is reduced, the wettability to diamond is good, and the bending strength of the nodules is correspondingly improved. After 760 °C, there is over-sintering behavior and material flow phenomenon. At the same time, the excessively high temperature causes severe corrosion of the iron-based diamond, and the diamond is carbonized, which makes the interface bonding strength between the diamond and the iron-based binder significantly decrease.


Surface Treatment Rust preventive oil;Ti plated
Material S45C
Color Metal color
Dimension mm
Direction Right
Quality control 0 defects,100% inspection before packing
Inspection machine Digital Height Gauge, caliper, Coordinate measuring machine, projection machine, roughness tester, hardness tester and so on
Item CNC presicion machining part
Package AS yr requirements
Certification ISO9001:2008,SGS, ROHS
Industry used Machinery; heavy duty equipment; electronic device; Auto spare parts; optical telecommunication.


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